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„Ugliness doesn’t sell“ No entrepreneur can succeed with overcrowded and unattractive advertising materials in the long run. That is why I put much effort in creating beautiful designs that are clean and focused to communicate effectively. I do print and online stuff like visiting cards, web designs or posters. *(Raymond Loewy)


Well composed digital images are such a great way of advertising for companies. Great executed ideas can make your clients understand and love your product so much faster. Present your product or service in a unique way as a digital image. That is how you say more than thousand words and get your message to your clients immediately.

» Outstanding pack shots


Allow your product or service to have the very best appearance and get yourself high quality product images. In cooperation with an experienced advertising photographer from Berlin we develop fantastic looking images in a photo studio or realistic looking 3D renderings. In post production I will make sure the colors and shapes are fitting and the appearance is to your liking. A high quality pack shot is a precious advertising tool, that raises your standards and makes your clients wanting what you have to offer.

» High quality retouching

As a photographer, artist or agency you might as well outsource your image editing process so you can concentrate on things that matters most to you. I earned a lot of experience in editing and retouching footage over the years and made lots of customers happy. Be one of them!
Image: Studio3001 GmbH


You already have an idea for a fancy compositing or want to impress your clients with great designs? So get in touch with me via email or phone now! I’m looking forward to hear from you. If you aren’t sure yet, check out my Portfolio!

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I’m your freelance graphic designer and visual artist from Berlin!

My name is Rüdiger Lauktien, my profession is to design, to composite and to retouch digital images. I offer my services as a studied graphic designer and aesthetic enthusiast. My career started back in 2011 where I had my first little jobs, in 2013 I decided to run full time as a freelance designer.

My first photo compositing I created in around 2005 und since then I’m gathering new experiences and constantly moving forward to expand my skills and knowledge about Photoshop, photo editing and combining pictures or simply make them more beautiful. That is to be seen in my art works that went better over time. Today I’m going to raise it up to another level by diving into CGI and realistic 3D renderings which gives me a whole new world to explore and totally artistic liberty in realizing ideas and projects. I’m very grateful for being where I am today but I’m still moving forward, always trying to figure out new ways of styling or design images. As a freelancer I use these skills and services for my clients in very different ways. For example I create main page or article illustrations for digital or print magazines, product ensembles or designs for online shops, digital images as a stage background for comedians or artists, advertising images or key visuals for companies of different branches. There are hardly limitations and that is why I love my work and all the challenges I’m gonna face every day so much.

Graphic design is a part of my schooling and a necessary element of my service. The ability to design is not only based on knowing the rules and how to use tools, but also on having a sense and an „eye“ for aesthetic, beauty, proportion and layout. So actually art and design go hand in hand and influence each other. I offer my clients designs for print and online that are effective and focused on the message that really matters. Mostly I develop things like flyers, small and big posters or other give aways and I also take care of the printing process in online print shops. In the case of online advertising I create stuff like web designs, landing pages or banner and header for shops, Facebook pages or websites. My experience as a web designer makes me heed performance and usability in the online section. But also if you look for something special, maybe a new way of presenting your company inside or outside the boundaries of corporate design, I’d like to support you. I’m privileged to have made customers happy of branches like real estate, event, church, commerce, technology, ecology and music and I want to keep it that way.

Last but not least my work as a image retoucher. Actually it is strongly connected to photo editing in general and that is also where my experiences come from. Retouching a product shot or any other image means to get the best light, the most realistic colors and the most amazing appearance at all out of the image. Even good photographs can be visually enhanced if the retoucher knows, what to do. For the most part I’m working with common techniques that photoshop and lightroom are providing to elaborate pictures. So for example I’m working with raw-images, advanced dodge and burn techniques, light and color looks or all kind of reparations. Its possible to heal certain areas or elements, replace them, tweak them or overlap them with something in the foreground. The most retouching jobs I have worked on were in science and research, industrial and mechanic products and beauty products. With every new project there are new things to learn and that is what future customers can benefit from.

So thats enough from me and my work as a graphic designer and visual artist. I hope you like it and I’m excited to offer you my services. Feels free to get in touch with me.

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