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cgi explosionszeichnung fotorealistische Illustration eines mechanischen CAD-objektes 3d

Photorealistic illustraions are perfect to visualize technical procedures and benefits in an artificial and beautiful way. They are a mixture of a technical drawing and hyper-realistic image and they draw always lots of attention. A photorealistic illustration can represent your product with a certain look as an alternative to a usual packshot. Here you can learn more about STILKNECHT, the freelancer for artificial advertising images.

  • Photorealistic Illustrations
  • Alternative Appearance
  • Usage of CGI and photo

How illustrations are made

To create an illustration I use different ways for different needs. If I have to deal with company images, photos of architecture, landscapes, cities or people or any similar photo with a high amount of detail, then I convert the footage with image editing into a photorealistic illustration. For that, I edit the images, use filters and other algorithms to artificially change the appearance of the photos. If I have to create a photorealistic illustration of a product or another physical thing, it might make sense to model and render it with CGI-techniques. That is an awesome way to generate an very induvidual look and feel and it can show what materials or parts are built in the product. Expecially technical drawings or CAD-objects are great to visualize an exciting photorealistic illustration. Also explosion schemes or cross sections can be renderd. That is a possibility to illustrate mechanic parts or machines. Your client will appreciate it, to understand better, what is going on. We can also combine the illustration with light effects or scribble outlines.

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Let's generate an image for your business
Contact me today to kick off your campaign. Advertising with photorealistic illustrated products is a nice alternative to trivial pictures because they say less and are to be seen everywhere. Illustrations can show off every crazy and unbelievable idea and communicate your message to your client. I'm a passionate communication designer and one of the Top200 Digital Artist 2017/2018 and my daily work is it to get better and better in producing photorealistic illustrations, key-visuals and photo compositions.

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Let us create you an awesome photorealistic illustration for your company. Contact me today and we can discuss your ideas.

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