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house of cards, 3D cgi art work, game cards, flying moon clouds warm colors trees and stones in comic art style, digital artwork by ruediger lauktien - stilknecht

House of Cards

Digital CGI Artwork

Actually "House of Cards" was a simple practicing project. I wanted to create a technique that automatically and randomly defines the the background of those play cards and with the cards I wanted to build a little house. I was inspired by the movie "Inside Out" because there is a card house too. After the 3D work was done I rendered the image out in order to edit it in photoshop. There I added all those nice effects and the atmospheric look and feel. It's finished now and I'm so glad that I didn't delete this project - I already did because it didn't look well at some point. But thats the process of creating great art isn't it?


Soon available for purchase

house of cards - detail ansichten des art works, digitale Bildkomposition Photoshop 3D CGI Modo kartenhaus mit Mond hintergrund, Comic style grün magenta, blau, beige, artwork by ruediger lauktien - stilknecht

house of cards ambient occlusion, rendering final color output -artwork by ruediger lauktien

house of cards - karte mockup design typografie, schriftzug stilknecht

house of cards digital artwork - mockup poster canvas wall lights image 3d by ruediger lauktien stilknecht