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Get better with your product - get key-visuals from Stilknecht

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Sounds good? If you want to have extreme nice looking key visuals or advertising images for your product or service, Stilknecht could be your right choise. I and my network of freelancers - we do our best to produce awesome imagery in order to push your business to the next level. Key visuals are important to make your customers want to buy from you. Don't miss that possibility.

  • Professional images
  • Cooperation with skilled freelancers
  • Transparent pricing

Why Composings?

Great executed ad images address your clients way more effective and emotional than simple photos or texts. With the right key visual you are able to demonstrate your benefits and USP in a professional, clean or playful manner and communicate with messages that stay in mind. Have you an idea already? Rüdiger Lauktien and his network of amazing creative freelancers deliver the result to you. He is awarded as one of the 200 best digital artists worldwide 2017/2018 and he is a pro when it comes to photo editing, photoshop or composing. Let your business shine - with key visuals from Stilknecht!


Rhenus Key Visual Digitalisierung Composing Binnenschiff by Ruediger Lauktien Stilknecht Design + Art 2017


Images speak louder than words. I offer my service of producing great looking and high-quality key visuals for your advertising actions. In general, the production of such visuals is the job of ad agencies and that takes a lot of time and money. If then the result is not as good as you imagined, it can be disappointing for you as an entrepreneur. If you are looking for an easier and less expensive way to realize your creative ideas and to get an awesome key visual for your cross media marketing communication then you are exactly right here!

Sailing Ship in a light bulb - artwork

A key visual - or advertising picture - is the most important optical element for marketing of a product or a service of any kind. It expresses the benefits and advantages of the presented product emotionally and in a beautiful way and it generates some kind of desire if seen by the target group. It's not only for products, it can be used to get attention for a lot of different purposes and it's great to publish it in different channels like social media, prints, on your website, in videos, at a booth and so on. It makes your company appear very unique, unified and professional. Advertising pictures speed up your marketing success and improve your visual appearance. Show the world your great ideas, let's create something beautiful! Key-visuals are one way to do this.


Tell me everything about your product, image idea and your target group and I will design you a first draft. This first layout will not look perfect, it can't, because editing high quality images takes time and concentration. But with a draft, we have a creative direction and based on that we can refine the concept further and develop the final advertising image. Depending on the budget it is possible to work with simple stock photography or maybe with photos, that you have already in stock. Sometimes it's also useful to work with CGI and photorealistic 3D Renderings in order to generate visual content, like abstract and organic forms that you cannot photograph because they don't exist or to replace elements and backgrounds with a certain look. This workflow makes it possible to design great looking and professional ad pictures in a few days of work. You get high-quality results in an affordable way. If the budget is higher and you want to have a really unique and awesome key visual for your product or service, we will organize some shootings with very experienced advertising photographers and get into the post-production process afterward. This applies especially to product photography of smaller or mid-sized objects like tools, cosmetics, wear, plants, furniture, media devices, kitchen supplies, jewelry and so on. I'm looking forward to designing something awesome for you.

Bluetooth Speaker Composition 3D Particle simulation object dissolve into particles. Design by freelancer ruediger lauktien stilknecht digital artist 2017 berlin - Orange colors

» Visuals and advertising pictures are often based on a very simple and good idea. It's not always necessary to deal with big agencies to realize them. My experience and ambition to get a better digital artist and designer every day and my skills to handle the creative tools lead to very good creative results. Ask my clients.
» Experienced photographers, well-selected pictures, high-resolution footage are the requirements for excellent artworks.
» In the production process I do not only rely on my sense of beauty and balance in art, I also use composition techniques of the painting grandmasters of ages long ago. That really makes a difference.
» I also work with calibrated screens to make sure that colors and values fit the expectations of my clients and references of real work materials.
» The last details of the Keyvisual will be discussed together and feedback is very welcome to increase the quality even more in the end.

» The expenses to produce advertising visuals are based on daily rates
» If something changes during the project the client will be informed about the additional effort immediately
» The rights of use are included
» Only a few freelancers will work on your images so the expenses are relatively low compared to bigger visual or advertising companies.

If you are looking for an expert in order to generate awesome imagery contact me now. Lets create another breathtaking peace of art.

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