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Don't rely on cheap sellers, let's make it professional

Sounds good? As a professional entrepreneur, you can’t rely on cheap work. This is about visually presenting your most important and valuable good – your products – to your clients. It is necessary to get high-quality and detailed results with high resolution.

  • High skilled photo editor
  • High-res-results
  • Hyperrealistic retouchings

Why photo editing?

Your company images, visuals or product images need to be extraordinarily edited. If you want to convince your client to buy from you, your presentation of products and services got to be visually appealing and realistic. Your clients want to have a good feeling when they buy something and they expect, that the image equals the actual object. Stilknecht and his network of skilled freelancers offer you a professional high-end photo editing service in order to increase your visual appearance by your customers.

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Beautiful images are my job. I am a freelance passionated picture expert and I do image compositings, pack shots, advertising images or just simple picture corrections. For many years I worked with picture editing software and I figured out how to make things more beautiful, how to fix problems, how to create impressive scenes and how to exchange ugliness with beauty.

For me picture editing service means to upgrade and beautify the appearance of your footage. A well edited image takes a pleasant effect on the viewer and has nothing to do with photo spoofing. It boosts and works out the whole potential and makes the picture unique. Sometimes its just some adjustments in color, brightness, contrast or hue, sometimes it needs a special look or mood to shine. In other cases the picture needs to get rid of a disturbing element or a replacement or even a compositing of several pictures to create a completely new message. All of this and far more is possible with photo editing techniques and the knowledge and skill of using it the proper way.

Image: Stefanie Aumiller Fotografie
As a photo editing freelancer I’d like to offer you my services and experiences especially in retouching and enhancing product or advertising images. A lot of my clients like in particular photo composings as a great way to communicate, advertise and sell products in any branch.

Image: Studio3001 GmbH
» Creation of product images in real or CG-rendering
» Detailed and real looking photo editing or retouching
» Editing RAW-images
» Beauty retouching (in reasonable scope)
» Creation of advertising or art images

Ad images (engineering, research, science, industry architecture, lifestyle etc)
» Repairing, straighten, retouching and composition of objects and images
» Editing RAW-images
» Setting of color looks or light effects

Photo editing in general
» Setting elements free
» Simple enhancements of every kind (color, brightness contrast, sharpness, lens corrections, chromatic aberration etc)
» Creation of color look ups
» Dataset management
» Optimization for web or print in CMYK
» Regarding color profiles and data output in 8 or 16 bit
» pre-press and printing
» Ensured color correctness because of calibrated screens.

If you are looking for a photo editing expert write me an email now. We will find a solution for your request together.

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