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Premium Bildmontagen von Stilknecht

Composite images hit the nail on the head in your advertising communication. It’s so easy to visualize a process or a value of a product or service in a very creative and beautiful way. It’s commonly known that a picture says more than words. And a composite image has an even stronger effect. Use that power of awesome combined images for your advertising campaign. Some examples of my work you can watch in my Portfolio

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The combination of different photos

A composite image is a digital combination of several images and can appear in different styles or looks. It can be very detailed and complex or very simple and minimalistic. The footage for creating a composition comes from photo shootings, licensed photos from stock photo databases, 3D and cgi renderings or even from graphics and letterings. I separate and unify all images and refine them over and over until the composite image appears absolute realistic and beautiful.

To create such compositions I earned a lot of experience and practiced a lot over the years in order to become one of the best digital artists. I did lots of image editings, matte paintings, product visualizations and other compositions and I tried to dig very deep into the software tools. I also learned a lot about photo composition techniques like golden ratio and dynamic symmetry. Images are going to be badass with the right techniques to create them.

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Rhenus Bildmontage

Set your product or service into a fascinating scene, they deserve it and it's worth the effort because your clients will thank you. They love emotional stories and some kind of lifestyle. The right image combines your product with that feeling. For instance, I can separate your packshot from the background and set up a scene around it that visualizes the benefits or attributes of the product. Start today and contact one of the best image editors! Send me a Message now.

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