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Strong marketing with excellent advertising images!

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Great ad images are perfect for your content marketing. With these, you can make sure that your clients don’t forget your products and services. It’s creative and playful and brings your message on to your customer. Use the power of strong advertising images and multiply your conversion rate. Get in touch with STILKNECHT the expert for advertising visuals and photo compositing nearby Berlin.

  • Awesome advertising images
  • Conversion improvements
  • Emotional communication

Advantages of advertising images

The good thing about great ads is the simplicity! Because in general there is one and only one real benefit for the customer that peeks out. One thing, that makes your product awesome. And one of the best advertising strategies for images is emphasizing and refining that one thing. In order to let your product benefits shine you need a picture that shows it with an exaggeration or comparison or in a very simplified way.

Sometimes there is a need for particularly beautiful visualizations of the product or company. For example, if you want to visualize a visual with a bottle of rum. Think of a treasure chest at a beach in the Caribbean filled to the top with gold and the shiny sunlit bottle inside of it. It will make you wanna go on vacation, experience an adventure and drink a drop of fine rum right? So that’s the value of emotional advertising images.

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To create such an image I always and successfully use the technique of photo composition. I combine several photos and exposures with an image editing software an create a completely new image out of it that lives from the best of every single photo element. This is why I offer my services because I have a lot of experience in studio photography, editing images, combining them, composing and I love making sure that everything looks really good. In order to make thinks look good, I also use composition techniques of the old masters of painting. In that way, I try to put advertising and art together.

If you are interested, feel free to leave me a message now.

Werbebild Kaffee. kaffeebecher aus Kaffeebohnen mit Banderole im tropischen Raum. Digitales Werbebild von Rüdiger Lauktien

There are some good questions, that can lead you to some good advertising ideas for your purpose and define the exclusive benefit. I recommended the following:

1. Which unique attribute does your product have?
2. Where can you find those attributes also?
3. How could you possibly connect those things?

It's also very effective to work with exaggerations. Maybe you do remember the advertisment with the knife block that was cut from the knifes inside of it? A good idea and exaggeration for sharpness. Here are some questions:

1. Which attribute of my product is the most important?
2. How can you exaggerate this attribute to the extreme?

Exaggerations are the perfect basement to show consumer benefits visually. Use this possibility for your purpose and leave me an email for a quick quote. If you are not convinced yet, check out my portfolio for further interesting advertising images.

Let us start a new advertising age for your business with some awesome creative images. Contact the digital artist today and we can discuss your ideas. .

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